The Hundred - March Matness

Welcome to March Matness 2022! 

This year I will be honoring the work with #themombodchronicles. For me personally, having a baby has completely transformed my view on my body and what it is capable of. I will be sharing tidbits on what the mat has helped me with daily since having my son.

Now what is a mom body you may ask?

Well this mom bod is a milk making, baby wearing, snuggle providing, jungle gym, lullaby singing, stroller pushing, middle of the night feeding, nail clipping, sniffle steaming, diaper changing, back rubbing, volunteering, meal planning, house cleaning, doggie nursing, home managing, laundry doing, Pilates teaching, business running, warrior woman.

What does your #mombod do?

Now lets begin with...

The Hundred!

A daily commitment to myself.

Keeps up my stamina and endurance to chase little G around day in and day out.
Quiets my mind and prepares me for the day ahead.
An opportunity to assess what toll the previous 24 hours have taken on my body

Side Bend

Today's #mombodchronicles are brought to you by...

The #SideBend

AKA the one that made me feel like a warrior princess throughout my #pregnancy.

This was one of the few "advanced" #exercises that I was able to keep up until the very end. And boy did it feel amazing! There is nothing like a side bend for someone who cannot round forward for #9months. It #stretches parts of my back and sides that desperately need some love.

High Scissors

Today's mom bod chronicles are brought to you by...

The High Scissors, Bicycle, and Bridge

Also known as I thought it was hard to find my butt when I was sitting on it, now let me try to use it to keep my entire body in the air while moving my legs with grace. HA! Now the funny thing is, while this is incredibly difficult to do, especially to do correctly, I find solace in the fact that it is remarkably easier to find and use my seat and my center when given no other choice.

You may have heard of mom butt but you probably haven't heard of Mommy Wrist or Mommy Thumb. One of the things they don't tell you about having babies and that wonderful hormone called Relaxin that helps you push a baby out, also can cause ongoing joint paint in your hands and wrists. Carrying a baby in all kinds of weird positions doesn't help either. ARTHRITIS?? AT 30?? One of the many exciting features of my new postpartum body. This definitely makes this series challenging. But the more I find my butt, the less my wrists speak to me. It's an ongoing project.

Rolling Back

Today's #mombodchronicles are brought to you by...

Rolling back

Also known as Graham's favorite exercise. If your kids like airplane, they will LOVE rolling in a ball with you. When practicing sans human t-shirt, I love the rhythmic spinal massage, back, forth, back forth, working out the kinks typically found in my mid and upper back. I love to test my balance in the back and check out the alignment of my hips while suspending in the air. I can also start to notice what imbalances are going on in my shoulders while balancing on top of them. My neck and shoulders have a habit of speaking to me after a night of night feedings aka sitting twisted in a pretzel in the rocking chair nursing while trying to find somewhere remotely comfortable to rest my head.